Pinto Brasil, the first company of the group, was founded in 1991 and since then has dedicated its activity towards the development of industrial machines and technical solutions in the metalworking sector and it is highly oriented to the automotive industry, thus ensuring the highest standards of its customers.

Specialized in the conception of production systems, intralogistics/supply chain and outsourcing and special tools, Pinto Brasil  uses 2D and 3D software in order to comply with specific requirements of its customers, through solutions that outstandingly enhances the ease of use and the user’s safety, which main objectives are productivity and quality.

It has 19.000m2 of covered area dedicated to the construction of solutions, Pinto Brasil aims at technology and continual innovation of its products. To make this possible, we count on an I&D department with experience and specialized know-how that will create and develop the most suitable solutions according to customer’s requirements.

To Manuel Pinto Brasil, group’s chairman, “the experience acquired by Pinto Brasil when it comes to the execution of different projects and the involvement of elements with versatile skills, has been ensuring that the major objective has been fulfilled and reactive capacity in the development of solutions is a considerable advantage to the customer”.


Pinto Brasil Group has started its activity in 1991, in the metalworking sector, namely in the automotive wiring industry. Meanwhile, over the past few years, the group extended its potential as a supplier of machines and industrial peripherals of some of the automotive and aeronautic leading companies, as well as expanded its business area to other different sectors, for instance, industry, services, construction and IT.

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