MTS Group – Mechanical Technology Systems – is a company of Pinto Brasil’s Group, founded in 2001 which is a landmark year regarding the group’s internationalization. Its main goal is to globally represent Pinto Brasil and Divmac companies. Consequently, MTS group tries to develop strategic markets in partnership with its customers, only achievable by the development of technical and commercial local activity, manufacturing solutions and technical assistance.

MTS group is established in several countries, for instance, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Romania, Russia and Tunisia. MTS Group reveals potential as a reliable, quality industrial solution supplier to the main suppliers of the automotive sector.

According to Manuel Pinto Brasil, the group’s chairman, “international presence is justified by the guarantee that assures a quality service and an appropriate capability to respond to multinational customers as faster as possible”.

It aims not only continuous innovation in infrastructures and technological resources but also customer proximity, competitiveness and improvement of its products and services.

These assumptions, along with the commitment of the group with quality and tradition, makes MTS a solid partner and respectable in their business áreas.


Pinto Brasil Group started its activity in 1991, in the metalworking sector, specifically in the automotive wiring industry. In the meantime, over the past few years, the group expanded its potential as a machine and industrial peripheral supplier of some leading companies of the automotive and aeronautic sector, as well as expanded its business area to other sectors, such as industry, services, construction and IT.

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