The internationalization of Pinto Brasil Group has arisen in order to keep up with its major business partner’s productive relocation. Furthermore, Pinto Brasil Group is not only closer to its partners but is also capable of a faster responsiveness, thus meeting all needs and lack of productive methods in an efficient and effective way. The speed of responding to their current partners and the search of new business partners lead to the thought that Pinto Brasil Group’s internationalization is serious and detailed because the market is demanding and we seek for its real competitive advantages, ensuring that the production is an added value for all stakeholders.

Pinto Brasil Group counts on with a Research and Development centre that works full-time in Portugal. It has qualified and skilled experts, which leads  to internationalization, not only the group’s production capacity but also its ability to create, thus placing technology and Portuguese industry into a level of international frontline. The local management with global perspective is the way chosen by Pinto Brasil Group to strategically position itself regarding internationalization. Keeping the basis on what is its subsidiary company, its skillfulness and values along with the perfect notion that being present in global markets is mandatory, local responsiveness and increment of sales, lead Pinto Brasil Group to a policy of presence outside Portugal similar to the Portuguese one.

“To seize opportunities means to explore new paths.”

Peter Drucker


Employees in 6 countries