Ceo’s Message

Pinto Brasil Group has a strategic goal, the dynamic and continuous growth of its businesses through improvement of continuous processes, products and services, as well as the retraining of the Human Resources.

Since 1991, we have set a growth strategy in the industrial sector, diversified our activities, become internationalized and nowadays we are a very strong business group, which performs in several areas: Industry, Services, Construction and Information Technologies.

Through the fulfillment of our legal obligations, growth with sustainability will be assured. In compliance with these principals, we guarantee our values, beliefs, and our expectations as a group of responsible people.

“People, Innovation, Partnership, Ambition, Responsibility and Sustainability: these are the greatest values in which Pinto Brasil Group is based on and which are common to all of the group’s companies.”

Manuel Brasil
CEO of Pinto Brasil Group


Pinto Brasil Group has been operating for more than 25 years in the metalworking sector and has expanded its area of activity in recent years to other sectors. Today, it covers four distinct business areas: Industry, Services, Construction and IT systems.

Strongly recognized in the industrial sector as a major supplier of machines and industrial peripherals of leading companies in the automotive and aeronautical sector, it is distinguished by its performance above industry standards, acting in the market with a posture of constant development and effort in continuous improvement, know -how and with the application of a management methodology oriented to its clients.

It has always been a Group with a strong international vocation, developing its business in several world markets: Morocco, Germany, Tunisia, Mexico, Romania, Spain, Russia. Currently, the Group already has around 600 employees distributed in the markets where it is located.


To be an organization that operates sustainably in different areas and markets whether national or international, which provides added value to our customers, employees and community.


To be among the major players of the market and be a benchmark of excellence of all its companies and projects, products and services that are carried out and given to clients.

People are the key to our success

People’s engagement, integrity, coherence, ethics, professionalism and trust along with team work, will lead to pleased and happy people, who are committed and with the due feeling of personal value.

We are our customer’s partners

Our customers are the reason why we exist and we daily work for them. Our aim is to satisfy their needs with a high level of confidence and professionalism.

Ambition is a philosophy

What lead us to the future are our values not our past successes.

Grow sustainably

We outline strategies that strengthen our organization and build the foundations of sustainability, in order to meet stakeholder’s satisfaction (building shareholder’s profitability and ensuring respect for life quality, environment and society).

We look for Innovation with Audacity and Quality

The assurance of the best commitments to our clients makes us an organization capable of creating needs, a reality through continuous innovation with creativity and quality, always trying to overcome market’s expectations.

We consider ourselves socially responsible

The group is constantly concerned to the active contribution towards the society we live in.

Social Responsibility

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

We consider ourselves socially responsible and we feel constantly concerned when it comes to contribute actively towards the society we live in. Thus, we are engaged with the diverse local communities where we are present, through interaction with NGOs, schools and universities.


Continuous improvement is a daily goal of Pinto Brasil Group.

Clients’ satisfaction is a main priority and certification is seen as a way of assessing needs, increasing productivity, motivating employees and provides a balanced relationship with the environment, security and good work conditions. This is achievable with the cooperation of everyone.

The investment in creating new products and technology without ever losing sight the commitment with quality and tradition makes Pinto Brasil Group a solid and respected organization in its business area.

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Pinto Brasil Group has as strategic goal the dynamic growth of its businesses through continuous improvement of its services and manufacturing of products, oriented to cost reduction, pollution prevention and preservation of labor conditions. Thus, in order to reach its strategic goals, Pinto Brasil Group shows consideration for its employees and their opinions aiming the improvement of the organization.

Research, Development and Innovation Policy

The sustainability of Pinto Brasil Group depends even more on its ability to innovate and, to achieve that we are permanently aware of markets and technologies, keeping in mind the strategic goal of expanding to new different business areas and new markets.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Comply with customer’s requirements and external interested parties, as well as with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To minimize environmental impacts which had resulted from activity, especially those associated to the waste production and natural resources consumption.
  • To prevent unexpected occurrences related to environmental and labor accidents, as well as decimate the risks that compromise employees’ safety and health.
  • To establish and spread Pinto Brasil group’s global objectives at all levels, involving and encouraging its employees regarding improvements in new products, activities and services.