Gensys is a company that develops, commercializes and implements a computerized innovative system oriented to production management and planning in organizations, and is currently working from Avepark – Science and Technology park, which is one of the main centres of north region.

Founded in 2016, Gensys has an extensive experience for over 10 years of research and development of new referencing templates of items and production management, only achievable not only through scientific researches but also through consolidation and development of functional areas of the planning and controlling of manufacturing system, provided by partnerships such as Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, SA and Minho University.

Its mission is to provide management and planning tools oriented to manufacturing to an organization, aiming greater efficiency, effectiveness and safety. Ensuring a performance of their businesses is another purpose that Gensys   – Smart Production Systems tries to achieve and it is possible with its skilled team, highly qualified in fundamental areas, for instance, Systems Engineering and Informatics and Industrial Management.

In a field of action where complementary and integrated tools are required, the team is focused on the continuous development and improvement of IT disruptive solutions that are projected to deal efficiently with the burst of information.


The company, which belongs to an industrial group, is counting on with well known partnerships, in the automotive area and is currently developing new partnerships with other reference entities, namely global implementation partners.


GenSYS is not a Decision Support System for your Organization.

GenSYS is a Smart, Flexible and Adaptable Decision System that with your support will make things happen in your manufacturing plant.

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