Pinto Brasil Group provides customized and innovative solutions, in which seeks to overcome expectations by complying with customer’s requirements. Our commitment is based on adding values through its excellent services and great cost-benefit ratio.

Arlógica / Inovar

Compressed Air Solutions

Arlógica and Inovar companies complement one another in their offer, with compressed air solutions for the industrial and medical sector. In this context, both have been developing a complete services strategy, from elaborating projects and consulting to the commercialization and maintenance of equipments and distribution networks.

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Surface Treatment

Metalpaint’s main goals are the development of relations with its business partners in the surface treatments and finishing areas for a segment with a high quality requirements: automotive, construction, electronics and office equipment.

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Devices, Equipments and Solutions

Calmways is a technological based company associated to health sector. It operates in different areas, like rehabilitation systems, sensor systems, software, equipment and industrial peripherals for the biomedical segment and equipment for scientific institutes

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