Arlógica is specialized in compressed air solutions for industrial and clinical segment, and is the official representative of Bottarini and Gardner Denver in Portugal.

By presenting and implementing engineering solutions, this company from Pinto Brasil Group provides a set of products and services that are based on researches and projects oriented to the deployment of compressed air centrals and air distribution network, thus promoting solutions of energetic saving.

Arlógica presents a wide variety of products, from electric, rotary and screw compressors (frequency variation or rotary models), alternatives (piston) to vacuum pumps, as well as the remaining constituent parts of a central and compressed air distribution network. The company is accredited to provide solutions for all sorts of measures that are in accordance with ISO 8573.1 standard. In addition, it is also accredited to provide solutions for cooling dryer, absorption and filter dryer (line filters).

Concerning condensate drain, according to Manuel Pinto Brasil, group’s chairman, “Arlógica presents expansive solutions and several solutions of capacity purges (without air consumption) with collection system and condensate separation”.


Pinto Brasil Group started its activity in 1991, in the metalworking sector, specifically in the automotive wiring industry. In the meantime, over the past few years, the group expanded its potential as a machine and industrial peripheral supplier of some leading companies of the automotive and aeronautic sector, as well as expanded its business area to other sectors, such as industry, services, construction and IT.

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